We understand how challenging it is running a business. We get it, it takes a lot to manage, design, and  service an online shop! We take the hassle out of designing, building, and managing your online store for your website. Create your own tore and shop wholesale and sell retail to family, friends, and fans!

We Are an AWAREness brand with an emphasis on lifestyle and sport. At our core we want stay rooted physically and mentally; Where strong meets flexible; mind joins body; health is happiness; and you touch your toes:) WAY is really more than a brand, more than a mat, and more than Yoga. It’s a WAY of Life.

WAYmat+towel+grip. Take WAYmat anywhere and everywhere as a way to relax in comfort, style, and positivity. Whether you use it as a yoga mat, on top of your mat, on the beach, by the pool, in the house, with the kids or with your pets this is the best gift ever! You’ll take it everywhere. WAYmat, it’s more than a mat.